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Zhejiang TAI-G Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2001. It is a professional LED lighting manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China. In recent years, based on years of accumulated technology, excellent product quality, and attentive sales service, we have achieved rapid development.

Our factory covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees, 30 quality control engineers, and has various production workshops for electronic appliances, hardware, powder spray, and assembling.

We are a national high-tech enterprise with ISO9001 approval which passed in 2003, holding more than 50 patents, products have European and American certification.

We have a full range production line, from materials to finished products. Including Hardware processing workshop, Laser cutting workshop.

Here we can see the painting line, from cleaning, polishing, spraying, and drying for lighting and other products, it's not only for self-use, and also for supporting other companies.

We have our own electrical workshop, to produce the led drivers and controllers, also a partial emergency kit, we have high-level driver quality for panel light and downlights. All the workers on the line to be stable and young. This is very important to keep our quality on a stable level.

We have a total of 5 SMT lines, to produce for LED modules and LED circuit boards for led drivers, they are only for self-use.

These are 5 assembling lines and 3 package lines produce for led panel light, led linear fixture, led downlight, and ODM products.


We have a full automatic aging test system, works from high voltage to low voltage, when there is a failed product, the machine will turn off automatically. We followed strictly 100% of products that have to be tested before the package. 

We have a 5000 square meters warehouse for materials and finished products, and a special constant temperature and humidity warehouse for led chip and components.

We have our own "DEKRA" ERP witnessed testing lab, Integrating sphere test, High temperature, and normal temperature test room.

We wish and are proud to run with you on your forward road, SHINING-A LED lighting dreamer!

Your best partner, will always be here waiting for you.